Welcome to Down-n-Dirty!

This is the femslash website where anything, and everything, goes! Any rating, any pairing, any fandom, any kink, no kink, pwp, no sex, strange pairings, emotional trainwreck, rare pairings, anything! And if there's a fandom that you don't see in the menu, email us and we'll add it!

The only requirement to post your fic here is that it is the best fic you can write. It must have real grammar and spelling. We don't care how raunchy or graphic or kinky you get, as long as you know how to spell what you're writing and use logical dimensions for whatever toys your characters use. ;o)

Don't forget that feedback to the authors keeps them writing! Each author will be listed with their own, individual emails if they provide one, or you can send feedback here and we'll make sure they get it.

We also have a yahoogroup called, strangely enough, Downdirtyfem that you can join, though no one's there yet either. That will just be a random fic/discussion/plot/beta group for writers and readers (and lurkers) who want to have a "safe" place to discuss the darker side of life as it pertains to their fic, fic you've read, or fic you'd like to read.

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